GEEOO X-11 Different Sound Earphone in Bangladesh

Best Earphone price in BD: Geeoo X-11


Sensitivity – 116±3dB 1KHz
Driver Diameter – ⌀10mm
Impedance – 16Ω
Frequency Response –20Hz-20kHz
Input Plug Diameter – ⌀3.5mm
Cord Length – 1.2meter.

Geeoo X-11 Different Sound Earphone

Features –

* In-ear Wired Earphone, Comfort for the ear.
* Feel Different Sound Experience.
* Connectivity with Strong Wired.
* High compatibility – 3.5mm jack is ideal for electronic devices with a 3.5
mm interface, such as apple devices, android smartphones, windows
phones, portable music players.

EAN Number – 6920211011180

৳ 430.00

5000 in stock


best earphone Features –
* In-ear Wired Earphone, Comfort for ear.
* Feel Different sound Experience.
* Connectivity with Strong Wired.
* High compatibility – 3.5mm jack is ideal for electronic devices with a 3.5
mm interface, such as apple devices, android smartphones, windows
phones, portable music players.

The Best Earphone Price in BD

Earphones, small loudspeakers placed or worn near the ear of the listener or near the outer ear. The common bureaucracy consists of a hand-held phone receiver; Headphones, where one or earphones are held through a band worn over the head; And plug earphones, which are inserted into the outer opening of the ear. Conversion to electric acoustic indicators is suffering from any device utilized in big loudspeakers; The maximum constancy is provided by so-known as dynamic earphones, which are usually equipped with a cushion to disconnect the ear from part of a headphone and other sound sources.


Geeoo 3.5mm Earphone comes with Ergonomic Design, soft ear cap fits both ears comfortably, comfortable to wear for a long time. This earphone has a built-in HD microphone, Comfort for the ear., clear and smooth voice calling, Feel of Different sounds. This Earphone has a 10mm dynamic drive unit, with a high-quality diaphragm, shocking Bass and music come instantly. This Earphone featured Sensitivity 116±3dB 1KHz, Frequency Response 20-20000Hz, Vocalism Principle Dynamic, Control Button, Impedance 16Ω. It is compatible with mainstream 3.5mm interfaces, such as apple devices, android smartphones, windows, phones, portable music players. The new reasonable Geeoo 3.5mm Wired Earphone has no warranty.

Advantage: GEEOO is the Different Sound for premium experience for which GEEOO is known where you can buy earphones at the best earphone price in Bangladesh. WIth the GEEOO X11, you’ll experience an extraordinary diameter that increases all your low-end frequencies while maintaining exceptional vocal clarity. Enjoy your music now with the amazing audio quality. Enjoy your favorite music using these wired earphones 24 hours a day whenever you want throughout the day.

Using this generation you could now experience your tune with no interruption. These wired earphones have lightweight that allow you to wear these earphones comfortably all day long. You can easily store these anywhere in your pocket or bag.
The flat shape of the housings ensures that you get a precise and secure fit. This design prevents it from coming out so that you can enjoy your music even in your leisure time. GEEOO uses high-quality premium materials for robust construction. Ear tips and grills can be easily cleaned or replaced if needed.

The 1.2m cable ends with a 3.5mm jack that is compatible with any smartphone with similar output. The cable is also designed to be flexible to eliminate microphones.
A 3-button remote and mic allow you to make calls while you’re busy doing something else.
GEEOO comes with three sets of different-sized silicone ear tips. Silicone is a gentle fabric that could adapt to the auditory canal of the human ear. It offers you great sound reproduction.
GEEOO – Inspired by Xelento Remote. It has a similar ear tip design that offers a very comfortable fit. The housings are completely flat and fit seamlessly between the ears.

Geeoo 3.5mm earphones price in Bangladesh

The latest price of the best Geeoo 3.5mm earphones in Bangladesh is 430 TK. You can buy Geeoo 3.5mm best earphone price in Bangladesh or visit our website.
Our earbuds with built-in microphones were designed to provide compelling, dynamic audio with good precision and crisp detail.

About this item

Comfortable fit: These stereo headphones are lightweight and ergonomically designed to ensure a secure fit and stability without exercise. These headphones are made from smooth bendy silicone for ergonomic comfort.
Hands-free Calls: An in-line microphone with prevalent remote control allows hand calling on Android and iOS devices. Allows you to concentrate on your work. A lengthy press at the button turns on Google Now or Siri.

Smartphone Compatibility: The 3.5mm universal plug is wildly compatible with the most balanced source. It supports iOS and Android smartphones, iPod, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, MP3 player, etc.
Extreme Durability: Designed multilayer silicone wires are braided for power and tangle-resistance, it substantially will increase the sturdiness and tensile power of earphone wires.

Usage with one-button remote control
Feature: Answer calls| End calls Decline calls| Switch songs| Activate Siri.
One-click. Play /Pause Music
Two- clicks. Track Forward
Three- clicks: Track Backward
Long Press: Reject call/ Activate Siri/Google
Short Press: Answer/ End calls

What we like:

Super Lightweight
Durable Oxygen-free Cables
A well-built Microphone
Smooth Sound Signature
A single Dynamic Drive
Why you should buy it?
In an effort to bring affordable high-race audio, GEEOO has surpassed it. These earphones are built to last and are therefore suitable for budget-minded audio files. However, GEEOO has given you the opportunity to buy earphones at the best earphone price in Bangladesh.
Reasons to Buy
Expansive detailed presentation
Excellent noise canceling
Superb touch controls
Reasons to Avoid
The match might be a problem for some.

Why do we use earphones?

Whether you are at home or traveling with earphones to keep you entertained. We have brought the best earphone price in Bangladesh. With the proper pair of earphones, you may concentrate on your favored songs or get sound consequences at the same time as playing video games to decorate your basic experience. Most wired earphones are designed for mobile phones. They provide noise cancellation clean sound and are smooth to use.

Earphones come in different styles and types. On-ear headphones have a closed design that makes their ears prone to overheating. In-ear headphones, on the other hand, are super-compact and lightweight and provide excellent isolation from medium to loud noise. Wireless headphones or stereo Bluetooth headphones serve as a reasonable accessory device for workouts and portable use. Another kind of all-in-one headset gives 3 approaches to decorate your listening experience.

Why do we need Earphones?

Not just for music, earphones are incredibly useful. Because they release your hand while they are busy and make an important call to be present. Headsets lose up your fingers so that you can work, take notes, open drawers to discover files, and do limitless different matters whilst on the phone. With a cordless headset, you can even turn around to grab a colleague or resource in support of your calls. The physical freedom that headsets provide allows workers to determine how much attention they need to pay to phone calls, increasing their potential productivity. The headset optimizes the sound quality for both ends of the conversation. These are easy to hear because they have high-quality speakers that are in a position in your ear that you determine. Many headsets have amplifiers that allow you to set the tone and volume of the sound. The microphone is in the perfect position to choose your voice. Stay out of the movement of your mouth and the sound of rubbing and scratching that they can cause. Also, many headsets have sound-canceling technology that actively blocks background sound.

You can buy earphones from us at the best earphone price in Bangladesh. GEEOO sells the best products.


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