GEEOO Power Bank P300 LCD

Cell Capacity  : 10000mAh

Product Color: White/Black/Red

Product Features: White it’s own line Large Capacity

Rated input : DC:5v/2.1A

Rated output : DC:5v/2.1A

Comes with four standard universal interface output Micro /Iphone/ Type-c/ USB Output . Convenient  for  all kinds of Mobile phones.

৳ 1,900.00


Introducing the GEEOO P300 LCD, a revolutionary 3-in-1 Cable LCD Display Power Bank that boasts cutting-edge technology and unparalleled convenience for all your charging needs. With a cell capacity of 10000mAh, this sleek and stylish power bank is engineered to provide reliable power on the go, ensuring you never run out of battery again.

At the heart of the GEEOO P300 LCD lies its standout feature: the innovative LCD Electricity Display. Gone are the days of guessing how much power is left in your power bank. The built-in LCD screen provides real-time and accurate information about the remaining battery level, empowering you with the knowledge to plan your charging sessions effectively. Say goodbye to unexpected power failures at critical moments, as this intuitive display ensures you’re always in control.

The GEEOO P300 LCD offers not just one, but three output options, catering to a wide range of devices. The cable output of DC5V/2.1A is designed to charge your devices through the 3-in-1 cable included with the power bank. The USB output of DC5V/2.1A allows you to connect your own cables for charging, making it compatible with various gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and more.

Versatility is a key characteristic of the GEEOO P300 LCD as it comes equipped with three standard universal interface outputs: Micro, iPhone, and Type-C. These interfaces cover almost all types of mobile phones and ensure that you can charge your devices without any hassle, regardless of the charging port they use. Whether you have an Android, an iPhone, or a device with a Type-C port, the GEEOO P300 LCD has got you covered.

Built with quality and safety in mind, the GEEOO P300 LCD is engineered with advanced safety features to protect both the power bank and your devices during charging. The power bank is equipped with over-current protection, over-voltage protection, short-circuit protection, and temperature control, ensuring a stable and secure charging experience every time you use it.

Beyond its impressive technical specifications, the GEEOO P300 LCD is designed with user-friendliness in mind. Its compact and lightweight form factor allows for easy portability, making it an ideal companion for travel, outdoor activities, business trips, and daily commutes. Slip it into your bag, pocket, or purse, and you’ll always have a reliable power source at your fingertips.

The GEEOO brand is committed to delivering top-notch products that prioritize user experience and customer satisfaction. The P300 LCD is no exception, as it showcases GEEOO’s dedication to innovation, functionality, and style. With this power bank, you’ll not only be investing in a high-performance charging solution but also in a stylish accessory that complements your tech-savvy lifestyle.

Whether you’re a busy professional, an avid traveler, a tech enthusiast, or someone who values being connected, the GEEOO P300 LCD is the perfect addition to your daily essentials. Stay powered up, stay connected, and stay ahead with this exceptional 3-in-1 Cable LCD Display Power Bank from GEEOO.

In conclusion, the GEEOO P300 LCD power bank brings together a perfect blend of functionality, convenience, and style. With a substantial cell capacity of 10000mAh and the innovative LCD Electricity Display, you’ll always be informed about the remaining power. The 3-in-1 cable, along with the Micro, iPhone, and Type-C outputs, ensures compatibility with various devices, making it an incredibly versatile charging solution. Its compact and lightweight design, coupled with advanced safety features, makes it a reliable companion for all your charging needs, be it during travels or daily commutes. Embrace the GEEOO P300 LCD, and never worry about running out of power again – power up with confidence!